When you come to this sacred place you call earth, you are very much connected to the angelic realm because your memory is still intact. Babies come without the ability to talk because if they could they would tell all the secrets you came here to discover. They know it all and slowly they forget, as it is appropriate.


Your journey starts from a place of knowing and ends when you have completed what you came here to learn. To some of you, friends, loved ones and relatives left too soon, but it is not the life expectancy that determines the length of time you spend in a cycle, but your purpose for coming. Time is meaningless, as you are eternal and the dimension of time is only inserted for your growth and to create a richer environment for experiences. It gives you a context which you can use to understand the larger purpose of the system you named God.


from Notes 12/29/2009 Kiryat Tivon, Israel