Will there always be drama in our lives, some of you may wonder?

Drama is your class. It is how you learn.

Why can’t we learn without drama, you may wonder?

You can and that is your goal but to get there you must first experience drama. The cycle of your life is built on change. Inevitably, drama is a potential attribute of change. The drama in your life is your choice.

If every time there is a change in your life you respond to it with drama, it is your choice. The change is there and your lesson is there for your benefit.

There is no evil mastermind that is lurking at the corner to toy with angels on this planet.

You choose to put plus or minus signs on your experiences. You choose to attach labels such as negative or positive. From the perspective of spirit, there is no negative. Some of your biggest leaps catapulting inner growth result from experiences you tag as negative.

from The Drama Class, Volume II