The simple explanation is that you are linear and this information comes from the circle. It connects to the circular part in you. Those of you who created this information will feel that these words resonate fully with your being.

There are many layers to each of the messages. Each message is meant to address an angel at a particular time on their journey. In essence all of the messages combined are just like an alarm clock. They are meant to wake you up on the cellular level to what you already know and remind you that it is time to get out of bed.

You have chosen us to bring this to you and not vise versa. You are the creator and when you go to the store and ask to purchase an alarm clock, the store clerk hands you one. We are the store’s clerk and we follow your request.

We wish to take you by the hand and ask you to fly with us into the magical land of the circle. There, there is no time and no space like the one you occupy on earth. All is multilayered and happens simultaneously.

from You Asked for It, Volume II