What you see all around you is the manifestation of your collective thought patterns and yes, it is neither harmonious nor beautiful. Beauty is order and beauty is balance and harmony. Your environment obeys your wishes and as you look all around you and realize in despair that what you have created is not what you intended, you may begin to realize how to finally utilize your power to return to balance. This is why we are here, to sound the bell and awaken you to your power because you have been asleep for a long time, the ship is adrift, and you are moving through treacherous waters.


6/3/2012     The Threshold

Many of you walk a path guided by tunnel vision that identifies threats, problems, wishes, and wanting, rather than just being, celebrating this divine journey through space and time, embracing the mysteries of existence itself.


Each time you hear the knock on the door, it is significant. It gives you the opportunity to shift your awareness from one space to another. There are many sounds to the knocks on your door. A knock can take the form of an accident, an illness, loss of a relative or loved one, loss of job or income, loss of a home to fire, flood or foreclosure, depression, physical ailments that restrict your movements. Each knock is asking you to open a door inside of you.


When your heart is open, you are one with all that is. You do not need to go anywhere or do anything in particular because you have arrived. We know of your desire to create things in the physical so you could become great. With love, we ask you to open your eyes. You are great and what you create in the physical dimension is an extension of who you are. When you are linked to your heart, you transmit a pulse that is felt all around this universe and you manifest change based upon love. When you create without residing in your heart, your creation may not support your ascending vibration or that of others. Your role is to be the scaffolding to all those who come in contact with you.



A human is an angel in training, we say with a smile. An angel is a frequency, a vibration of love. When a human has reached such a vibration, they fully embody the energy of an angel. If we had to guess what the rate is of humans becoming angels, we must say it is too slow. However this is changing now.



You are the great “I am.” You come solely for the purpose of experiencing a choice in the midst of forgetfulness and your aim is to remember. You create and destroy for the purpose of finding balance. You act externally until you realize that no such thing exists and all is inside of you. You explore the vastness of existence so you can grow and the purpose of your growing is to become one with self and with all that is. Your aim is to merge with the true essence of self which is expressed in everything. Everyone around you is an aspect of you, all your accomplishments, your treasures, as well; your creations are an aspect of your journey to define yourself because without creating in the physical dimension you have difficulty seeing who you are. We are here to illuminate your mirror, so you can better see your silhouette.



A toddler who is watching a movie meant for an adult is most likely to have an inappropriate emotional reaction to what she sees. It is the way of it. Most of humanity are in the toddler stage and do not possess the tools needed to process knowledge of the mysteries. It may not necessarily harm, but it surely would have no benefit. It could however provoke an inappropriate response that could hurt the person exposed.
Confusion, fear, anxiety, panic, depression or overreaction are some of the inappropriate responses we have observed in those who are not yet ripe to receive, yet were exposed to the mysteries. So many of you wish to know the mysteries. It is not the knowing that is crucial to your advancement, but your experiences. Your mind may know, but for you to move forward your heart needs to know.



Even now when you see that which is in front of you, do you still embrace it as truth?  If anyone ever took your hand down a dark path and told you to close your eyes and follow their lead, would you follow?  Do you finally see that what appears to be one may also be another? Light is only light, but dark can have many shades. How certain are you that you indeed follow the light?



It is time, now, to link with the purity of the child you were once. It is essential to connect with the pure heart of carefree laughter. It is sacred to look again at your body like an infant discovering her toes for the first time. When you were little, all aspects of your body were equally sacred and you were just beginning to learn what is yours and what is not. You have yet to place a judgment on good, bad, appropriate or inappropriate. We ask you to find that space in you again. Not that you need to behave like an infant, but recall what it felt like to be holy from head to toe.