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Notes from 2/19/2011 & 2/20/2011 Woodstock, NY


You are dearly loved.

As the sun sets over the horizon you are asked to walk in the dark as if it is daytime. You are moving into a field that is chaotic to the senses but in perfect order with the heart. We call it the womb because it is the core essence of the feminine goddess. It is where creation takes place and where magic manifests and blossoms. Nowhere and at no time in your recorded history has your power been available to you like now. You have been enabled to see and feel who you are. Many of you do not have names and terms to describe how you are feeling, but deep in your heart you know if you are aligned with Gaia and the energy of love, integrity, your truth, transparency and beauty. When the picture in your heart is in great misalignment with your awakened knowing, many of you begin to take action and manifest change. All of you intuitively know that this is a time like no other.

We understand truth—but why beauty, some may inquire?

With a smile we say to you: look around; do you see beauty everywhere you look? If you do not, you are looking with the wrong set of eyes. Look again. Beauty is order and beauty is the divine feminine in balance with creation. Beauty is love. Beauty is not an external attribute, but an internal one. When we hug you we see only beauty. You are beautiful to us in every way. As we are holding your hands on this journey and ask you to trust that even if you do not see anything—like in the womb—you are protected and you cannot get lost as there is only one way and it is out to light. Soon many of you will be born into the light pushed by powerful forces that guide you. Like birth, when the time comes you must sprout. There are some of you who feel comfortable in the protection the darkness of the womb offers; with love and a wink, we ask you to get ready as birth is coming close and the option to stay inside past your scheduled birth date is not an option.

Who am I, you ask?

You are an awesome, beautiful energy like no other in the universe. When you take a body, your first choice is whether to be born as male or female and your second choice is how to play your part as a representative of the energy you chose. Much consideration is invested in these two choices. As a creator being and a guardian of the feminine torch at these times, you have a great responsibility because you must lead. You must pick up the baton and conduct the orchestra. You must get over your hurts, pains, anger, and blocks and implement your gifts using love in bringing the new sun onto earth so it will be in alignment with humanity. We termed these times the “new sun” because it represents the end of and new beginning of a great cycle noted by many ancient cultures. The luminosity that is appearing on the horizon of your shared reality is the new sun and it will look and feel different.

How so, some may ask?

All of you agreed to accept one reality and now this agreement is no longer valid. The locks have been broken on your one-channel reality restriction and each of you can choose which channel to experience. In your past very few could escape the traps of a single-channel reality and walk in higher vibration on earth. Some of you carry cellular memory of persecution and even death just for trying to vibrate higher. The wise women goddesses or witches as they were called at times were driven into hiding due to your one-channel restriction. Your collective will have changed your path, and one by one you have moved to explore other channels. As your technology allowed you to distribute this knowledge amongst you, many more have moved higher, and at this juncture it is the first time since the time of Lemuria that as a society you have the option to ascend higher than ever before. Your power is in the choices each and every one of you makes in the moment by moment timeline of your life. The intensity and acceleration you experience from Gaia’s vibration moving higher creates a pressure which manifests thoughts and emotions into action faster than ever before. The wheels of Karma are spinning faster and you no longer must wait for future cycles to reap what you sow. Many of you experience it in the here and now. It means that your power to create magic both through light and through dark is enhanced to an extent that each of you who choose to vibrate higher changes the blueprint for the whole planet. As your planet is connected to many other planets and to the entire universe through the field, the change that is happening on this far away planet on the edge of your galaxy is affecting all realities and dimensions in the furthest reaches of the universe. Do you still doubt your power?

Why now, some may ask?

It is time, is the short answer. There are processes which begin at the edge of time and move through your galactic experience until they reach the energy of manifestation and change. You are now in this energy. This awesome shift is guided by no other than the feminine energy that must return to balance in order for your species to remain and thrive on this planet. The feminine principle is not only about nurturing and love; it has aspects which express rage and destruction as well. Your mythology from various cultures gives attributes of the divine feminine energy to different goddesses. The act of creation is one that must at times follow destruction. Destruction is not negative, but a natural phenomenon. It is a mechanism of creation which facilitates your evolution guiding the new to replace the old. A new energy of which some named the “2012 energy” is sweeping across your magnificent blue pearl and it has been here for over 10 years now and will continue for years to come. Many of you are yet to be awakened by the magnitude of the change, but our promise to you is that soon all of you will find that sleeping no longer will be a choice. Your reality is changing and it is why you are here. You came to be part of this change and to facilitate your own path and guide others to higher ground. You are the carrier of the torch of the feminine energy and it holds principles that are now coming back into center stage: principles of integrity, transparency, and heart-based society that is connected to the idea of unity consciousness through the umbilical cords of Gaia. Each and every one that is alive on earth at this time stood in line to be here now. You all already know what we speak of. We are here just to hug you and remind you of what you already know. We have excitedly spoken with you about it before you descended into the birth canal and as we said our goodbyes you said to us with tears in your angelic eyes, “This is exciting and I am grateful to go back and play my part.”

It is a time of remembering your true essence and power as an angelic being carrying a physical form and move into your mission of being a conduit of love energy. Love is not an energy that needs to be advertised and spoken about, as love is quiet. Love is the essence of your universe and when enough of you hold the link to your universe through love you are changing your earth. Love begins with self-love and from there it ripples in all dimensions and realities. This is the power center that all of you carry in seed form. Now the seed has been watered and the new sun brings the ripe conditions for your seed to sprout.

What does it mean for me, some may ask?

Many of you hold hurts and anger from the past as you all have been scratched and bruised by the dense reality here on earth. This is the most challenging school in your universe and you receive a medal just for participating. As Earth’s vibration is moving rapidly higher, you can no longer afford holding onto dense emotional energy as it would keep you in a low vibration reality and you would not be able to experience the magnificence of earth’s ascension. Holding onto heaviness could manifest into a dis- ease in your body faster than ever before. Your aim is to become light. You must clear your sexual centers of shame, guilt and pain and learn to love your whole self. The locks that were placed on humanity through your religious establishments were primarily targeting your sexuality as it is the engine for your moving higher. Your sexual energy— when channeled with love and flowing freely—is your magic carpet to moving higher in vibration. Throughout history this energy was manipulated and scrambled so the keys to using your sexual energy in its original intended form were well hidden, tainted, and repressed in order to create a subjugated society that is malleable. This is where the goddess comes into the picture. The shakti feminine principle must play her role to again teach humanity the highest use of sexual energy. The masculine, through a campaign lasting thousands of years, moved this energy so far out of balance and away from its original intention. Re-learning the original intention of using your energy offers one of the greatest challenges humanity is facing. Many of the conflicts you call political or religious-based on your earth come from manipulation of sexual energy, channeling it away from love to benefit the few and de-power you. The immensity of the energy must be channeled somewhere, and in your history it was often directed to create destruction. When an angel in human costume is vibrating with love—using your lower chakras open and flowing—there is no power in the universe that can control you. Your power of manifestation and of driving your own reality is absolute. When you are uncontrollable, you are not a good candidate for your energy and resources to be harvested by your governments, religions, business and many others who compete to gain access to your emotional or physical resources. The movie you are in, playing your role is now being rewritten and the script is created by you as you act. There is no longer a prescribed story line; you are the director, the producer and the actor. Some of you have not yet realized that you are the driver and you are still waiting for new instructions. With so much love, we are asking you not to wait too long. Look inside and find your script—the one that offers you guidence to your highest potential allowing you to move into heart-based reality and use it.

How, some may still wonder?

The manual is inside of you but the codes to open the manual are simple and you all know it. Begin with gratitude to self first for being here now; use love and be guided by fearlessness. Fear will come up again and again as you all must continually clear it from your system in order to progress. Sit on the floor in front of a candle and hug yourself, renewing the vows that you had before coming to this dense reality to love yourself no matter what. Ask to be shown the way through light and love to your highest potential. Collect the tears from your eyes and offer them to Gaia, or just allow them to roll down to the ground. Visualize yourself in the womb and experience your new birth, and as you open your eyes and take your first breath, know that you have made a sacred divine step to reuniting with your mastery, becoming a full-fledged angel walking on earth in human form, and so be it.

Updated 2/14/12