Conversation with Angels

Special Books Bringing Messages from Angels on the Other Side to We, the Angels on Earth!


Volume 1 Sampler

A 12 chapter sample from this Volume's fifty chapters: take in the brief excerpts below
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A Fish Riding a Bicycle
Explaining multidimensional reality to a human is like explaining to a fish how to ride a bicycle. It is a different reality; so much so, that the only way for us to describe it is through metaphors. Although metaphors do not tell the real story, they convey the feeling.

Bread Crumbs on the Forest Floor
We are your brothers and sisters. We are with God all the time. When you are not walking on earth, you are with God all the time as well. You know who God is when you are not submerged in duality. It is you who take the hand of God when you come back home, and it is you who searches for that hand when you are separated walking on earth as an angel in plain clothes.

Change in the Final Act
You have chosen to continue something that had the final act written all over it. You sailed into uncharted waters. There is no script, no rehearsal, because you changed the ending of the final act and chose to continue the play. Your choice surprised many, and it created a ripple that echoed in the entire universe.

No One Knows Better
No one at this time knows better than you what it is that you need to do. How do I know?, you may ask. All the answers are within you. It is time to open the right door, where the answers lie. How do I know which is the right door?, some may ask. It is the door that “feels right.” It is a confusing time and you must be connected to your feeling center at all times.

Small Holding Cell
It is our intention to help you realize your full potential by guiding you through the mechanism of spirit. From our perspective it is simple. You have two main tools and the rest is a variation on this theme. The first is love, and the second is intent. These two are the vehicle and the fuel.

The Magic Manual
As you walk in your daily life, you carry this manual within your cells, inside your body. In essence, it is you who walks hand-in-hand with the manual. As you approach an intersection, deciding whether to turn left or right, the manual will open to you and will instruct you to the right direction. You do not need to know in advance which direction you will need to turn.

The Magician
If you believe in miracles, they will appear. You are all magicians, although many of you have lost your wands. These wands are not something you buy in the store. They are something you activate within.

The Movie Theater
We wish to tell you that from where we stand looking at you, it is a movie that you are experiencing in your “real life.” That is why we love you so. It is because you choose to be shielded from the fact that you are sitting in a theater.

The Tapestry
We wish to tell you that you are so loved and by so many. Our numbers far exceeds the number of humans walking in lesson on earth, and we all know your name. We are all aware of your journey. In our circle, each and every one of you is special.

What Do Angels Do?
We are you when we are not on the other side. Some of us have an earthly experience, and some work with humanity from this side of the veil. We are subtle. We are pure energy, so we are in a state of timelessness. We are conscious, so we are aware of all that is. We are connected to the energy you call God and we are aware of the entire collective that makes that energy.

You and Your Body Are Teammates
It is indeed a sacred union that you have with the group that you call your body. Would you treat your teammate with disrespect before an important game? Would you give your teammate the wrong sports shoes to wear before that big game?

You Are Transparent
If you say yes, and you mean no, we perceive the vibration of the no. You cannot lie with vibration. We do not need a lie detector because we see your meaning and not your words. That is why you are transparent to us.