Conversation with Angels

Special Books Bringing Messages from Angels on the Other Side to We, the Angels on Earth!


Volume 2 Sampler

A 12 chapter sample from this Volume's fory-two chapters: take in the brief excerpts below
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2012 Time Warp
We told you that energetically you are linked to all that is and what you do reverberates and resounds in the universe. That is why we tell you that what you do matters and how you think matters. This is why we repeat over and over that you are beautiful and powerful and you changed your future by changing your “now.”

Bond and Bondage
We love you so and we tell you that there is nothing to fear from your own journey. Know that you are a master and that which is in front of you is there to guide you to where you asked to be. Know that nothing can touch you without your permission. We wish you to hold the torch high so that many angels will be able to use your light.

Down the River
We are going with you to wherever you choose to go and you are honored for just being where you are. It is not the journey that is honored but your willingness to dress up as a human that is clueless of your mission, to come down to a dense world where all thoughts manifest with delay and act and play the game you call life.

Fame and Fortune
Your actions are not measured by the amount of people who know about them or whether it was reported in the news. The importance of your actions and thoughts are never measured from the human-impact perspective. You are an angel and as such your actions are measured in the realm of heaven not earth. Earth is your stage and heaven is your home.

Hot and Cold
The higher part of you which is also a part of God is a place of peace and balance. Its attribute of heat is nurturing and never threatening. It is never cold as it has balance and love emanating from it.

The Blind
You see only the edge of your nose and that is in the best of circumstances. When you give us a hand you do not need a stick to feel your way around. Like a blind person who wishes to cross a busy intersection, you ask a fellow angel to help take you across. When that angel gives you a hand, you must let go of all the other means of knowing. You may not trust and keep hitting the pavement with your stick but it will only slow you down.

The Dance
It is like in a dance; you move back and forth while stepping on the dance floor. When you move backward, later you must move forward. This is the way of it. You are eternal and you are always moving.

The Disco Ball
As you experience that which we call a test it is all about one thing: choice. You appear to have multiple choices but in fact you have only two: light or dark. It is that simple but yet very complicated when you are actually experiencing it.

The Drama Class
There is no evil mastermind that is lurking at the corner to toy with angels on this planet. There is you and your karma. There are choices that you made and
contracts that you signed in order to bring you closer to your true divinity. You choose to put plus or minus signs on your experiences. You choose to attach labels such as negative or positive. From the perspective of spirit, there is no negative. There is, however, your perception of what feels good at the moment and what feels uncomfortable or painful.

The Gift of Lightning
There is a great mystery that you were born into, a great mystery that is part of you. In fact, the mystery is in you. We wish you to stop looking for it in exotic places outside of yourself, and to begin digging inside so you can reveal the treasure and peal away the layers of the mystery that is hidden in you.

The Melody and the Music
You play a part as a vessel, and your mission is to become clear and pure as a channel so the message transmitted through you from the other side will be as clear and will hold the vibration without change. It is the integrity of the message that we ask you to hold as sacred and allow it to remain as it was intended. From where we sit there is no waste, and each word holds a vibration that can only be compared to music. The sound vibrations of music are interdimensional as are our messages.

When you look at water in a glass it is transparent yet it is the most valuable substance on your planet. When you look at air, it is transparent yet without it you cannot survive for more them a few minutes. Many of the attributes of spirit are transparent yet they act as the force behind the force.