It's Time: Conversation with Angels, Volume 3

This Third Special Book Brings New Messages from Angels on the Other Side to We, the Angels on Earth!

Volume 3 Sampler

An 18 chapter sample from this Volume's fifty-one chapters:
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What Am I Doing Here

You are a piece of biology with a twist, and the twist is that you carry the seed of God in each one of your cells. The mechanics of your biology hold the key to the universe. It is why we tell you that you contain all you need, and you create what you need when you are in the now.


You have chosen to come here for the sole purpose of living your truth awakened. You have come here
to discover your purpose, and you have come here to show what this life is all about, through example. You have come here to create an energy vortex around you that will recalibrate the way people view their own reality—no small task.

Learning to Fly

If you were a bird you would not think twice before spreading your wings and flying. The process would have come to you as naturally as being alive. Birds do not fear flying, they just do it. There is much to learn from birds, as you carry wings as well.

And So Be It

For a moment you have forgotten that you have an entourage at your service. At times we see you walking your path as if you are alone. As we wrap our wings around your fragile frame, we ask you to close your eyes, activate your inner vision, and feel us hovering all around you.

Slowing Downg

Slowing down means that you must begin to feel the inner workings of yourself rather than figure out
the outer workings of your external reality. To move into your power, you must realize that you create internally everything that shows up in your physical reality. We ask you to connect to the place where everything that you experience emanates from—inside you.

Self Love

Many of you believe that your journey is about one thing. However, from the other side of the veil, it is another. You celebrate one’s life based on what they achieve, and we celebrate one’s life just for walking the walk, viewing this life based on how they felt while doing whatever they were doing. From here everything that you do is similar in importance and honored by all. A janitor and the chairman of the corporation that heads the physical space in which this janitor works are looked upon as equal.

The Dye of Love

Your aim is to be one with yourself and as you move forward, know that you are loved every moment.
You have been riding on a roller coaster. The twists and turns are getting sharper. The ride is accelerating. Staying balanced and connected to your center is your goal. We are here to hold your hand when you need us but we cannot do the work for you. It is on you to create the bridge between you and us. We are here waiting and you are to open your cellular memory so you can receive that which is all around you.

The Great Ballroom

We ask you to become very still when you do your dance. Be aware of the unseen forces and work with
them in harmony. Allow your angels to move ahead of you, creating harmony wherever you go, even before you get “there.” Send vibrations of love to all of those whom you feel conflict with, so the unseen forces will have the fuel to change the trajectory and outcomes of your “appointments.” We wish you to move like a dancer—be sensitive to the music.

Spirit and Chocolate

The journey of revealing your truth must be understood in a way that is outside the linear scope of
your reality. There is really no way to write about it, talk about it, explain it, or even describe it. This reality that comes from the dimension of being one with Spirit is about being. The knowing comes as a feeling that cannot be analyzed...


When we hug you, some of you sense a flow of energy or heat running through you, charging you up. You may experience a deep sense of peace as if everything around you is in harmony. A sense of well-being, safety, and comfort may descend upon your whole being, as if your mother just picked you up from your baby crib to cuddle you. When you link and invite us, the love flowing from Spirit creates a reaction causing your body to vibrate differently.

The Scaffolding

With a smile, we wish you to fathom that it is not the direction you are heading that matters, but how you feel about it, as you move through your life. The real movement is only contained within your consciousness, as all life rhythms are but cycles—some shorter, some longer. The footprint you leave, after you have recycled your physical form, is the energy that you carried and the experiences within that you have accumulated.

The Chosen One

A powerful stream of unity consciousness is sweeping and permeating every living thing on this planet, including you. This intense energy is creating invisible links which call upon your awareness to begin focusing on your similarities and your common ground rather than your differences.

The Finale

If we had you memorize anything from what we have been saying to you all this time, it is that you are loved. You are it. There is always one main purpose in all our messages and it is to awaken you so you will remember who you are, feeling the love from spirit. If you have managed to feel it, know that this is the whole story in a condensed form and the rest are just side notes.

The Leaf

Many of you are concerned with your physical actions. From our perch, your actions are as important
as your feelings, thoughts, and dream time. The reality of multidimensionality must be learned like any other skill. This know-how is inside of you and you must wish for it. For your know-how to be activated, sprout, and reach the light, you must water your seed buried in the soil. Your seed knows that it must strive to break the surface and reach to the light.


Many of you wish to reach your destination where there is illuminated brilliance, peace always, and rest. Dear human angel, where you are now, at this moment, is that destination, being in the trenches, transforming, shining light where it is dark, moving high when gravity pulled you down, opening your heart when you are expected to close it, moving above water when you are expected to drown, becoming
lighter when you are being loaded with heaviness. You are renegades and you know that what you do makes a difference to the whole.

The Light Keepers

The game rules have changed as many realized that you may lose the ability to play this game if you
don’t reclaim your light. The feminine aspect of your collective lights has asked permission to move back to its center role so that many will gain knowing through the heart rather than through the mind. The mind is more easily manipulated but the heart knows. The deliverance of feminine energy from your neighboring planets and galactic family, which happened in stages, marked the beginning of this shift, in whose midst you are now.

The Void

Following your heart, knowing that you are loved, and experiencing the web of cords that connects all of you with invisible strings—these concepts are not simply pretty words. These concepts represent the path for all of you regardless of whether you are awakened or fast asleep. That is why we tell you that there is never a judgment on your path as an angel disguised as human. Like a leaf you serve the growth of consciousness. Whether you are part of the tree—attached or on the ground, detached—you are never too far. All has its appropriateness and is harmonious with your vibration, melody, colors, and lights.

Spread Your Wings

We ask you to seize the moment at any given moment. Flying is your goal and you all know how to take off. It is as simple as visualizing that your hands are wings and your legs are the engine that propels
you higher, allowing you to overcome the gravitational force. Three intentions must always present themselves as you stand in front of an elevated surface getting ready to take off. Each intention must be invoked by you. The most exuberant one is the intent to no longer adhere to the rules into which you were born. The second intent is to break any rules, even the ones your science convinced you are unbreakable, simply by asking to move from third gear to fifth gear or from 3-D to 5-D. The third rule is the simplest—giving intent, with pure heart, for your highest agreements to come forth, manifesting in your life.